Top 5 Muscle Car Films

Published on 4 September 2022 at 15:22

Some of the best muscle cars in history have been put on the big screen as the lead actor. Muscle cars have been a fascination of American drivers for generations. The raw power and unique style that is the hot rod represented bygone days. American ingenuity was top in the world and the cost of gasoline was cheap. Concerns like miles per gallon were an afterthought to how you looked in your stylish ride. Over the decades, the film industry has done magnificent homage to these automobiles. The following are five of the finer products Hollywood has produced featuring muscle cars, beautiful classic cars and big balling hot rods.


This movie was an adaptation from the Stephen King book of the same name. A tale of a 1958 coming to life with stalker tendencies is not the prototypical car movie. This film accurately portrays a teenager's love, energy, and care that enthusiasts have put into their rides. Buried in the depths of our subconscious, we all have a little fear of being alone with our pet projects due to this film.

Mad Max

Cars and carnage have also gone together well in Mad Max. Whenever the opening scene indicates that fifty-seven deaths have occurred on this road this year, the action and crashes are sure to follow. This movie proves that one does not need a big budget to have a plethora of crashes. The opening scene alone is worthy of being on this list. Mel Gibson and a 1973 Ford Falcon Coupe are a tandem that would make another appearance in the Road Warrior.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

This classic Dodge Charger muscle car movie is a step down in the carnage department. This film relies on quality of story and driving abilities rather than rampant destruction. A small-time driver and mechanic rob a convenience store and plan to use the money to fund their dream of professional racing. The best laid plans fall to the wayside. The result is numerous chases, precise driving, and a realistic feel of speed that comes through the screen.

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This one may contain the person and the car a generation of American males wanted to have, and to be. The epic car chase scene is one of the defining moments in this genre of film. After this film, people wanted to be Steve McQueen. To this day, the 1968 Ford Mustang GT is one of the top cars sought by collectors.

Check out this iconic chase scene from the film

American Graffiti

A true smorgasbord of vintage cars. The film captured a generations attitude to being young and having your own car. Capturing all that can happen in the day of an American youth, the film was the adventure for its generation. Street-racing, hanging out, and cruising to look cool was the goal of this film. An apt portrayal in the lifestyle and the automobiles of that time.

So, there you have it- my top 5 muscle car movies. These films encompassed relationships, favorite pastimes, and the destruction that the two together could bring. Hollywood has tapped this vital resource for innumerable films. These 5 stand the test of time as being the best not only in their genre, but in the entire industry.

What about The Fast & Furious cars! Why are you leaving them out you ask? With hundreds of cars featured over the years in the Fast and Furios franchise, it's tough to pick the single best of the 20 some that starred together. A great muscle car film franchise for sure- But that's for a future post.


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